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Refresh - I will come to your home and help you sort through the current stock in your refrigerator and pantry, keeping the healthful foods and eliminating those items* that may be obstructing your path to a healthy weight.

Revise - I will teach you how to make a weekly grocery list so that you have the necessary ingredients to create healthy, lower-fat/lower-calorie meals for you and your family.

- I will accompany you to the supermarket - yours or mine - and teach you how to make better choices, by reading and comparing Nutrition Facts.

Restart - I will provide you with Nutrition Tips and Meal Ideas™ for a continuing lifestyle of healthy, lower-fat/lower-calorie eating.

* Unopened nonperishables to be donated to charity.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome to my website. Please feel free to contact me (by email or by comment) with your questions or other thoughts regarding nutrition, food selection and healthy eating ideas. - Bonnie

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